Kayos asked 11 months ago
i would like to know more about AWS Vpc what is it stands for and how can we use   thank you kulakov
1 Answers
Karan Brar Staff answered 11 months ago
In the most simplest way you can consider VPC as your local network (LAN). You can launch private servers including DB, web servers, mail server, etc. You can also expose some of the servers like Web Servers to the public by putting them in public subnet.  You can also extend your LAN to cloud using VPC. e.g. you can setup your directory services (AD or LDAP) in VPC and let your local users, which are part of your office LAN, get authenticated with cloud based AD server using VPN tunnel. You can also put your database servers in private subnet in VPC so that you can scale them very easily and keep them secure. The used cases can be endless. It all depends on your requirements. I hope above explanation will help you understand the concept better.