Please add some live examples

Category: Manage AWS using Python: Core ServicesPlease add some live examples
Karan Brar Staff asked 11 months ago
It’s a good course but it will be very interesting to see some complex/real work examples. Course is too short as i purchased this just for boto3 and there is hardly content of 1.5 hr (real content). Would you be adding more to this course? Thanks,
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Karan Brar Staff answered 11 months ago
Thanks for your feedback and I acknowledge your concern. The idea behind this course was to introduction with boto3 using core services, since those services are mostly used by people and can understand better. This is the first course of the Boto3 series I’m working on. The next course will be managed AWS analytical services using Boto3. I may or may not put it on Udemy though. The intent of this course is to enable students to perform everything with Boto3 what they can do using AWS console. If you have any specific situation where you want to use Boto3, you can visit my site and post your question. I’ll try to help as much as I can.​